It’s a fair COP

…and the Princess cast a spell over the whole land,

the people walked around stunned, dazed, exactly like

they always had. Or was it the King? The media?

The rotating door of self-motivated Prime Ministers?

Arsenal, Man United, populace divided, name the issue

where everyone is agreed. And they think drugs,

always just ‘drugs’, is (singular) escapism. Everything

water-cannoned at us is escapism. We’re reeling.

What was the thing that was important? Tip

of my tongue, oh why is Alzheimer’s so popular?

Remember the time we worried about plastic?

Oceans of time has sunk by since then, marked

by Covid, war, power and food rationing (soon),

weather – yes was it to do with weather? Biodiversity

sounds better than species-death. What’s a word for

planet too hot to live on, seas too high to live near,

humans too many for this glitter-ball? No, a word

that helps us keep looking the other way. Oh yes,

there isn’t another way. Will the blind mole rat

outlast the blind head-in-sand politician? If

– no, make that when, we reach the end, singing,

fighting, watching TV, we’ll admit: It’s a fair COP.

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