to my verses aimed at engaging and entertaining you, maybe leaving you with something to muse on, even puzzle over, though I intend to avoid being poetically obscure or embarrassingly self-obsessed. Some are pointedly obsessed with the lack of self…

If you want to share my verses, please do so by sharing the URL, so others can find the whole site. If you wish to publish a whole poem anywhere in any form, do contact me – some I am happy to share freely, some may be covered by rights I have already assigned.

Do use your social media to publicise this site, especially by giving brief quotes from a poem and a link to the full version here: I only offer my verses here so that they’re open to being read by as many people as might enjoy them. If you like it, spread the word!

This just a sample of my many verse-writings, beginning with a focus on concerns of our time, Covid and climate emergency. I’ll be adding a variety of other verse as we go. The category (shown at the top of each post) tells the type of poem, and the tag (below the post) tells the topic, so you can search on either to find more of what you like.

I have another website, Pieces of Five (dot UK), which has verses too, as well as humour, memes, and many short writings: it centres on meditation and the path to “spiritual” Awakening. Take a look!