That’s me, and you get a fairly good idea of me through these verses, especially if you include my writings at, which are focussed upon the development of experiential appreciation of how the universe and ourselves actually are (or more accurately, is).

This gets called “spiritual”, and the “path” to “Awakening” or “Enlightenment”, and it definitely goes beyond our ordinary understanding of the world, especially since we ignore in that everyday view the findings of science. We don’t even think of ourselves as a bundle of atoms, each one a vast empty space consisting of little more than energetic charge.

But “personal science” is how I investigate, using meditation, reflection, and simple observations of personal experience, guided by traditional teachings. And since it’s so important and helpful to our lives, I try to pass on my findings in engaging ways. Does it grab you?

If not, use these Verses of Five for entertainment and provocation. I hope you like the photos too!

Five in Vienna 2016 having found this graffiti