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Loads of verse! Seventy-six of my poems, over 100 pages – like those on this site, as well as longer or more formal ones.

The Calling moves through our various relationships, to the field of sex and love, then meets the realities of our relationship with the wider world. When we connect with Nature the mood changes, then we ramble into a forest of thoughts, fantasies and stories and lose ourselves there.

There’s friendship, personal inquiry, gender politics, eco-warrior tirades, fantasy and poking fun.

the Calling

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the Calling, Five's verses, over 100 pages

Not only that – but this!

My book of verse tracing the spiritual path will be ready soon,
START HERE – the Path to Awakening
with chapters on the horrors of samsara, helpful conduct, meditation, questioning our idea of self, philosophy, love, death, the mysteriousness of awareness, and the deep vision of Buddhism.

There’s a brief intro to each topic, followed by verses from my personal experience of the path, a mixture of snappy ditties and more poetic forms. The aim is to invite anyone, whatever their inclination – poetic, sprititual, or neither – to muse on topics which are ultimately of importance to us all. Love? Death? Neither are to be avoided: get the low-down on it all. You’ll see the limerick doing heavy-lifting, lightening up your way!

START HERE – the path to Awakening

will be available here, or from my Buddhist site at
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verses towards Awakening by Five