The U.S. has it in black and white

so everyone knows where they stand.

Their binary logic’s a zero sum game:

“People-of-Color” or Paleface, forgetting they fought

the fanatics of racial purity. Discrimination

voted by victims: hiding non-white traits

brands you a traitor – the big sin,

disguising yourself as a Puritan.

That’s where they draw the line,

and they’re hooked on it like fish.

Seen in my camera obscura, the scene

is a palette of shades. Chiarascuro

tones in myriad grades: into every yang

a little yin must fall. There’s the symbol

for our banner. Opposites of gender refract

into a rainbow, that’s the line to race towards.

Our species comes in a range of colours,

perfectly matched, precious as gold.

poetry in colour

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