Copping Out 26

When I tell this story to the kids they laugh:

It’s too stupid to be true. I look stupid

for telling it. I’ll tell you what a real

democracy would be: when those governing

are poorer than those being governed.

Historians, examples please! Why so quiet?

OK, here’s another corker: rich people announcing

they are rich enough! It’s the way I tell ’em.

Generously provisioned politicians

flogging a rapidly dying horse? Certainly

they’re not dismounting. I couldn’t stop

myself said the scorpion being ferried

across the river by the frog it just stung.

We’ll all be carbon by 2050.

One thought on “Copping Out 26

  1. Funny dry sad kindly gentle wise humble sharing asking questions, not pedantic, loving. Look forward to a book and I enjoy the photos addition. You are opening your cloak for the world staying still and travelling.


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