Yesterday’s News

I’m Retro-Man, now listen to me,

more MCP than MTV,

I call the shots, Hey not so

fast Babe, I pick up flotsam,

booze and floozies, I’m on the cruise,

tomorrow you’ll be yesterday’s news.

I’m looking back – jeans and flak-jacket.

here for the craic, can you hack it?

One of the boys, I do get boisterous,

I’m a man of the world – it’s my oyster.

Pardon Cherie, je m’excuse,

It’s Le Monde for men, yesterday’s news.

Those were the days, I’m living history,

a moral maze for a man of mystery –

a man, or just outdated mannerism

stranded on the straits of feminism?

Who knew we’d all be deja vu’s?

Hissed and booed, we’re yesterday’s news.

by Five from statue in Firenze

3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s News

  1. Boris Johnson, the current Conservative culture at Westminster, the Met, the courts, most judges: these are the voices I hear reciting this poem. I recently watched a documentary about the police investigation into the Yorkshire ripper, how it was conducted by men, reported by men in a misogynistic 70s culture; how it was used to judge and control women’s behaviour . Women were told that in order to stay safe they should not go anywhere unless accompanied by a man, or face the consequences. It made reflect on how much has really changed, or whether it has changed much at all . I wondered what the reaction of the 50% of the population who identify as male would have been if all males had been told that, in order to keep women safe, since it was males who were causing the problems , they were not allowed out, unless accompanied by a woman. it would have been a very effective way to protect women, but can you imagine the outrage ?


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